Google Ads Account For Rental

Google Ads Account For Rental

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Why should you rent a google ads invoice account?

 Renting a Google Ads invoice account is a way to increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.
 Currently, many businesses are spending a lot of money and time on Google advertising because Google’s policies are getting more and more difficult, constantly locking advertising accounts. Whether they can resist or not, they have to re-optimize from the beginning. . 
 To help you overcome this obstacle, ADDSIGI will introduce you to the Google invoice account rental service, a reputable partner of Google.


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Before implementation, ADSDIGI will send customers advice and standard checklists for each industry to minimize account suspension. In case of suspension, ADSDIGI will assist customers in protesting their accounts.

– Rehaan Whitfield –

ADDSIGI's Google Ads Invoice account rental service is for all products that are NOT fake, counterfeit, poor quality goods, etc. After receiving the account rental request, ADDSIGI will evaluate the product and system. website system for appropriate advice.

– Kason Espinosa –

If the account is suspended and the customer does not wish to continue implementing the service, ADSDIGI will proceed with acceptance and return the transferred budget. Or transfer the remaining budget amount to a new account.
Note, account creation fees will not be refunded.

– Angela Charlton –

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